LIfe and the end of the day Okay, I&#39;ve been over the rainbow and back, I think, well, closer than before. It&#39;s been a rough couple of weeks, some good, some sad, the rest I am going to chalk up to learning.<br/> I wake up and the first thing that I say to myself is &quot; Well, still here&quot; might as well see what kind of &#39; chocolate mess &#39; I can make today.<br/> So lets see, I showed my art to a few potential clients and maybe this gallery will like me, and I played mannypopins for a few days. I&#39;ve no sons or daughters of my own, but I&#39;ve changed a diaper or two in my day.<br/> My Dear friends have a 3 month old boy and I am so mad for him, its been a long time since there&#39;s been a baby around, most of my friends children are now teens or off to university.<br/> You know how it goes, your friends go from having mod apartments to having kid stuff all over the place, mod meets child I suppose you&#39;d call it.<br/> I don&#39;t have children of my own, thats not to say I don&#39;t have kids, my friends kids are like my own since I&#39;ve known them and been around them since birth, and I have friends whom are kids in adult costumes.<br/> I, myself can be quite child like, although my thoughts of having a temper tantrum at Cartier screaming at the top of my lungs, I want it and I&#39;m going to hold my breath until you give me that watch, won&#39;t work out the way it does in my &quot;wonderful world of charlisney imagination.<br/> Where I get what I want and some candy and driver to take me home with the packages from my meltdown.<br/> No,I imagine security and lovely white jacket that is not from Gucci would somehow show up, and somewhere the police would be called.<br/> But, if your an infant you have a meltdown, you rush to figure out how can I make you happy, so I&#39;m thinking that I need to take the baby to Cartier.................. come on it&#39;s a nice watch.<br/> The sad part is another friend is in hospital. A real shame, another nice guy just took the wrong path................ more to come<br/> <br/>


I create art or is art creating me?

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